ERP Systems For Food Manufacturers: A Comprehensive Guide

ERP systems are a valuable tool for the food manufacturing sector as they enable efficient and productive daily operations. By implementing an ERP system, food manufacturers can save significant time and money. However, with numerous ERP system options available, it can be challenging to determine the most suitable one for your organization. Fortunately, if you … Read more

Scientists cannot explain the radio signal in deep space, what is it?

Scientists cannot explain the radio signal in deep space, what is it?

By Roberto Scucci | Updated 6 minutes ago Rotating neutron stars (known as pulsars) are generally known to emit radio waves at regular intervals, ranging from seconds to milliseconds. As these neutron stars approach the end of their life cycle, they slow down and are no longer called pulsars, but are classified as magnetars. According … Read more

A supermassive black hole is spewing a high-energy jet towards Earth

A NASA mission observed a supermassive black hole aiming its highly energetic jet straight at Earth. Don’t panic just yet, though. As frightening as this cosmic event is, it is at a very safe distance of about 400 million light years. Actively feeding supermassive black holes, including the one at hand, are surrounded by swirling … Read more

World’s first ‘boomerang meteorite’ – a rock that left Earth, spent millennia in space and then returned – likely discovered in the Sahara desert

The suspected meteorite NWA 13188, discovered in Morocco in 2018, may have originated from Earth. (Image credit: Albert Jambon) Researchers have proposed that an unusual rock recently discovered in northern Africa could be the first known ‘boomerang meteorite’, a space rock that originated on our planet before being ejected into space and then crashing down … Read more

The ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider establishes record precision on the mass of the Higgs bosons

The candidate Higgs boson decays into two photons

The candidate Higgs boson decays into two photons in the ATLAS experiment. Credit: CERN New result from the ATLAS experiment a[{” attribute=””>CERN reaches the unprecedented precision of 0.09%. The ATLAS collaboration has achieved the most precise measurement to date of the Higgs bosons mass, reporting a value of 125.11 billion electronvolts with minimal uncertainty. The … Read more

A broad spectrum of human neurological diseases linked to variations in one gene, DHX9

A broad spectrum of human neurological diseases linked to variations in one gene, DHX9

An international team of researchers from the GREGoR Research Center at Baylor College of Medicine, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the German Mouse Clinic and collaborating institutions have provided a genetic diagnosis to a group of 20 patients with hitherto undiagnosed neurological diseases. The team analyzed the patients’ genes and conducted family studies to … Read more

Ozempic users report stomach paralysis from diet drug: ‘So much hell’

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - APRIL 17: In this photo illustration, boxes of the diabetes drug Ozempic rest on a drugstore counter on April 17, 2023 in Los Angeles, California.  Ozempic was originally approved by the FDA to treat people with type 2 diabetes, who risk serious health consequences without medication.  In recent months, there has been a spike in demand for Ozempic, or semaglutide, due to its weight-loss benefits, which has led to shortages.  Some doctors prescribe Ozempic off-label to treat obesity.  (Photo illustration by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

Photo illustration by Mario Tama/Getty Images Since Ozempic was first released to the public in 2018, the diabetic injectable has become a favorite for fans, even those without diabetes, for weight loss. Others in its class of drugs, such as Wegovy, have also seen an increase in demand, so high that the Food and Drug … Read more

A beautiful southern appearance for comet T4 Lemmon

Universe Today

THE it’s time to capture comet T4 Lemmon, before it fades away for another 36,000 years. Often, icy intruders creep into the inner solar system, only to vanish once more into the abyss. Such is the case with long-period comet C/2021 T4 Lemmon, heading towards perihelion early next week. The comet was discovered by the … Read more