Dead woman in the deadly wreck of the Vasa warship 400 years ago reconstructed with realistic detail

When researchers raised the Vasa, a 17th-century Swedish warship that sank in Stockholm harbor on her maiden voyage in the 1960s, they recovered nearly 20 skeletons. Scientists determined that one of those skeletons, nicknamed G, was a male they named Gustav.

Earlier this year, a genetic analysis determined that G was not male but female. Now, a new reconstruction of G, whose new nickname is Gertrude, reveals her resemblance before her deadly shipwreck in 1628.

According to new genetic analysis“she was about 25-30 when she died, her eyes were blue, her hair was blond and her skin was pale,” Oscar Nilssona Sweden-based forensic artist who created the reconstruction, told Live Science in an email.

Forensic artist Oscar Nilsson layered plasticine clay over a vinyl 3D printed skull to create the reconstruction of Gertrude. (Image credit: Oscar Nilsson)

Nilsson had done a reconstruction of Gustav in 2006 and was surprised when he learned that G was female, but was glad he could help correct the record with a new reconstruction for the Vasa Museum in Stockholm.

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