Warm oceans fueling weather disasters

A digital display shows the temperature at a pharmacy in Cagliari, Sardinia on July 19.  (Photo: Bloomberg)

A digital display shows the temperature at a pharmacy in Cagliari, Sardinia on July 19. (Photo: Bloomberg) Heat searing enough to knock out cell phones. Smoke from a wildfire turning the skies an apocalyptic orange. Flash floods engulfing cities in upstate New York and Vermont in the United States. This grim procession of recent disasters … Read more

CCRM Fertility will open a state-of-the-art fertility clinic and IVF laboratory in Miami

CCRM 2021 LOGO Updated (PRNewsfoto/CCRM)

Global pioneer in fertility treatment and research to bring its world-class operations and family-building services to South Florida YOU LOVE ME, July 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — CCRM Fertility, a global pioneer in fertility treatment, research and science, today announced expansion to South Florida with a new state-of-the-art fertility clinic and in vitro fertilization (IVF) laboratory … Read more

Gorgeous image reveals first detection of gas giants being born around young star (photo)

Astronomers have glimpsed a stunning cosmic “phoenix” representing a planetary system in the making. Just as the mythological phoenix represents rebirth from fiery destruction, this cloud resembling a flaming cosmic bird can signify the birth of a gas giant planet from clumps of material gathered around a star that was recently born from the ashes … Read more

High-risk UN operation underway in Yemen to avert catastrophic oil spills

The FSO Safer, moored off the western coast of Yemen.

The supertanker, the FSO Safer, has become a symbol of the need for urgent action to avoid massive damage to the marine ecosystem in an area home to important global shipping lanes. The stranded and rusting vessel holds four times the amount of oil spilled by the Exxon Valdez, enough to make it the fifth-largest … Read more

Genetic variant identification: unraveling the power of STING-seq

In an exclusive interview, Dr. Neville Sanjana, an associate professor of biology at New York University and a principal faculty member at the New York Genome Center, discusses the groundbreaking study on STING-seq. Co-led by Dr. Sanjana, the research study combines CRISPR gene editing and single cell sequencing to identify causal genetic variants and improve … Read more

NASA hunts gamma rays in deep space with a new high-altitude balloon mission

In August, NASA plans to deploy a high-altitude balloon that will look for gamma rays, or high-energy wavelengths produced by some of the most powerful explosions in our universe. And last week, the agency provided an update on the mission. The new instrument, known as ComPair, has officially been shipped to its launch site in … Read more

What scares me about the climate crisis is that we don’t know how bad things really are | Roger Harrabin

A digital billboard displays the temperature in downtown Phoenix.

OROver the last few decades, climate scientists have made great strides in understanding the future climate. But after the last few weeks of extreme heat and devastating flooding, it’s clear that while climate models have provided good information on rising temperatures overall, they can’t be sure of the level of destruction each notch on the … Read more

Archeology on the Moon: How to Preserve Apollo-Era Spaceflight Artifacts

What do we do with pieces of the Apollo lunar missions or other pieces of human technology scattered around the solar system? As NASA and other entities plan to return humans to the moon later in 2020, a new study suggests we should see what changes the lunar environment causes to human artifacts left on … Read more

New targets for the treatment of psoriasis? The study reveals 165 associated genes

In a recent study published in International journal of molecular sciencesResearchers conducted a transcriptome-wide association study (TWAS) to understand the genetic basis of the chronic inflammatory skin disease psoriasis and identify potential drug targets. Study: A transcriptome-level analysis of psoriasis: identification of potential causative genes and drug candidates. Image credit: FussSergey/Shutterstock.com Background Psoriasis is an … Read more