The ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider establishes record precision on the mass of the Higgs bosons

The candidate Higgs boson decays into two photons

The candidate Higgs boson decays into two photons in the ATLAS experiment. Credit: CERN New result from the ATLAS experiment a[{” attribute=””>CERN reaches the unprecedented precision of 0.09%. The ATLAS collaboration has achieved the most precise measurement to date of the Higgs bosons mass, reporting a value of 125.11 billion electronvolts with minimal uncertainty. The … Read more

Queen guitarist Brian May will co-write Asteroid Atlas

An image of Bennu's surface, taken by OSIRIS-REx after landing on the asteroid.

Eminent astrophysicist and musician Brian May co-authored a three-dimensional atlas of the near-Earth asteroid Bennu, an 85-million-ton chunk of rock orbiting the Sun. Inspiration Behind Immortal Desires | io9 Interview May co-authored the book with Dante Lauretta, a planetary scientist at the University of Arizona and the principal investigator of NASA and the university’s OSIRIS-REx … Read more