A supermassive black hole is spewing a high-energy jet towards Earth

A NASA mission observed a supermassive black hole aiming its highly energetic jet straight at Earth. Don’t panic just yet, though. As frightening as this cosmic event is, it is at a very safe distance of about 400 million light years. Actively feeding supermassive black holes, including the one at hand, are surrounded by swirling … Read more

The VERA telescope network reveals the surroundings of rapidly growing black holes

Jets ejected from a rapidly growing supermassive black hole

Jets ejected from a rapidly growing supermassive black hole with surrounding outflows. The plane of polarization of a radio wave emitted from the vicinity of a black hole rotates as it passes through the surrounding magnetized gas. Credit: NAOJ Using the VERA radio telescope network, astronomers have gained new insights into the growth of young … Read more

Gravitational gorge: How galactic mergers give birth to hidden supermassive black holes

Dusty region around a black hole

An artist’s impression of a dusty region around a black hole. More dust-covered black holes can completely block X-rays and visible light from escaping, but the same dust can be heated by a growing black hole and will glow brightly at infrared wavelengths. Credits: ESA/NASA, the AVO project and Paolo Padovani New research conducted by … Read more