James Webb Space Telescope spies on water near the center of planet-forming disk in cosmic 1st

Astronomers have discovered for the first time that rocky alien worlds may possess large amounts of water from the moment they form, according to a new study. Life is found practically wherever there is water Earth. As such, the search for potentially habitable exoplanets he mainly focused on hunting for the presence of water. Previous … Read more

Space Shuttle Endeavor makes another trip to its final destination at a new space center

A solid grip stern skirt is lifted into the air with the sky and a small drone flying to the left as a backdrop

Space shuttle Endeavor began the first leg of its journey to its final resting place Thursday, an effort more than a decade after arriving at the California Science Center museum in 2012. The famous spacecraft that was displayed horizontally at the science center is in the process of moving to a permanent location at what … Read more