Scientists cannot explain the radio signal in deep space, what is it?

Scientists cannot explain the radio signal in deep space, what is it?

By Roberto Scucci | Updated 6 minutes ago Rotating neutron stars (known as pulsars) are generally known to emit radio waves at regular intervals, ranging from seconds to milliseconds. As these neutron stars approach the end of their life cycle, they slow down and are no longer called pulsars, but are classified as magnetars. According … Read more

NASA hunts gamma rays in deep space with a new high-altitude balloon mission

In August, NASA plans to deploy a high-altitude balloon that will look for gamma rays, or high-energy wavelengths produced by some of the most powerful explosions in our universe. And last week, the agency provided an update on the mission. The new instrument, known as ComPair, has officially been shipped to its launch site in … Read more

A hidden line deep in the ocean divides the animals into two camps

A hidden line deep in the ocean divides the animals into two camps

Deep in the ocean, not all ecosystems are built the same. And, as an international team of scientists has now discovered, the deepest depths are dominated by a particular type of organism. Below a depth of about 4,400 meters (14,436 feet), most creatures that lurk in the dark have soft, squishy bodies. It is only … Read more

Deep underground tunnels could hold the key to habitability on Mars

Mars base

Researchers from the University of Birmingham, in collaboration with the Boulby Underground Laboratory, have embarked on the Bio-SPHERE project in deep tunnels in North Yorkshire to study potential living and operating conditions on the Moon and Mars. This innovative project explores how scientific, medical and bioengineering procedures would be performed in harsh, remote and isolated … Read more

A strange signal from deep space has been detected every 22 minutes for over 30 years. Scientists have no idea what’s causing it.

A mysterious object spotted in the cosmos broadcasts radio waves to Earth every 22 minutes. The signals from this type of cosmic object usually slow down over time. But this has been sending signals for more than 30 years, and scientists can’t figure out why. Loading Something is loading. Thank you for signing up! Access … Read more

Exploring the deep ocean is safer than an elevator, says James Cameron

James Cameron and his mentor, the explorer Dr Joe MacInnis.

ANDExploring the greatest depths of the ocean is safer than taking an elevator and safer than getting on a plane, James Cameron said. But the Canadian director of Hollywood blockbuster films added that the team behind the recent ill-fated Titanic expedition lacked the imagination to design against the more obvious risks of any deep-sea voyage. … Read more