A supermassive black hole is spewing a high-energy jet towards Earth

A NASA mission observed a supermassive black hole aiming its highly energetic jet straight at Earth. Don’t panic just yet, though. As frightening as this cosmic event is, it is at a very safe distance of about 400 million light years. Actively feeding supermassive black holes, including the one at hand, are surrounded by swirling … Read more

World’s first ‘boomerang meteorite’ – a rock that left Earth, spent millennia in space and then returned – likely discovered in the Sahara desert

The suspected meteorite NWA 13188, discovered in Morocco in 2018, may have originated from Earth. (Image credit: Albert Jambon) Researchers have proposed that an unusual rock recently discovered in northern Africa could be the first known ‘boomerang meteorite’, a space rock that originated on our planet before being ejected into space and then crashing down … Read more

A satellite will fall to Earth this week in a first-of-its-kind reentry. Here’s what you need to know

This week will see a first-of-its-kind operation to safely return a dead and disused satellite to Earth. The mission will pave the way for the safe return of other space equipment in the future. The European Space Agency (ESA) plans to help its Aeolus spacecraft officially re-enter Earth’s atmosphere during the evening of Friday (28 … Read more

The boomerang meteor could be the first space rock to leave Earth and return

A dark reddish-brown stone, collected from the Sahara Desert in Morocco a few years ago, appears to be a rock from Earth that was blasted into space where it remained for thousands of years before returning home, surprisingly intact. If the scientists are right about this, the rock will officially be named the first boomerang … Read more

Birth of our planet: Caltech discovers new details about the formation of the Earth

Art that forms the rocky planet

A Caltech study has revealed that the early Earth consisted of hot, dry materials, indicating the late arrival of water during Earth’s formation. This study used magmas from different layers of the Earth’s interior, providing unique insights into planet formation. A new Caltech study suggests that the early Earth formed from hot, dry materials, implying … Read more