Neuronal Plasticity Genes Linked to Alcohol Use Disorders Neuroscience News

This shows glasses and genes.

Summary: A new study has discovered a link between alcohol use disorders (AUD) and the alteration of a group of genes known to influence neuronal plasticity and pain perceptions. The team used three separate animal models to identify the genes responsible for alcohol-related behaviours. They found that genes that mediate pain sensation work together with … Read more

Do you participate in genetic studies? It could be in your genes

A nurse takes blood from a volunteer ready for storage in the UK biobank April 17, 2007, Manchester, England.

A nurse collects a blood sample of study participants for the UK Biobank.Credit: Christopher Furlong/Getty Researchers who analyzed a genetic study of half a million people found that participation in such studies may itself have a genetic component. The discovery, published on July 13 in Genetics of nature1it could help researchers account for some of … Read more