World’s first ‘boomerang meteorite’ – a rock that left Earth, spent millennia in space and then returned – likely discovered in the Sahara desert

The suspected meteorite NWA 13188, discovered in Morocco in 2018, may have originated from Earth. (Image credit: Albert Jambon)

Researchers have proposed that an unusual rock recently discovered in northern Africa could be the first known ‘boomerang meteorite’, a space rock that originated on our planet before being ejected into space and then crashing down to Earth. However, not everyone agrees with the new findings, which have yet to be peer-reviewed.

THE meteoritewhich is called NWA 13188 and weighs about 23 ounces (646 grams), was discovered by meteorite hunetrs in an undisclosed part of Morocco’s Sahara desert in 2018. No one saw the rock fall to Earth, and its composition was found to be very similar to a specific type of volcanic rock known to scientists, which has led to speculation about its origins.

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